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Some terms apply to you while you use our website Please read carefully below terms and ensure that you have accepted them before using our website.

Some Definitions:

Terms: Some conditions and terms regarding website.

You: Any person who visit our website.

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Product Provider: Company or any other beneficial institute.

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About the Website:

You acknowledge that all copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property right belongs to us and as a Product Provider we take full responsibility of our content. You can use material from our website for personal use only. Any other use of our content like copying, publishing, displaying, distributing, transmitting, reproduction or commercial exploit is strictly prohibited.

Our Liability to You:

While creating website or update information, we use all reasonable endeavors to ensure the accuracy. But we can’t give you any warranties with respect to its content. As we rely on content given to us by third party or product provider, so there will be delay in updating information on our website. We cannot give warranty to meet your requirement timely, secure or error-free or free of viruses or bugs or reliability of the full functionality.

Our website may only list the Product Provider with whom we have affiliate program or arrangement; so we may not cover all Product Providers. These disclaimers do not attempt to disclaim liability for matter that cannot be excluded under any applicable Indian law or the rule of the financial services.

Coupon Codes or content are provided to our website by third parties and we do not guarantee that content or coupon codes are fully reliable. You are advised to check out prior to committing to any purchase. The link of third parties that appear on our website is not the responsibility of our website and do not necessarily endorse the views expresses within them.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of you and confidential of information provided by you, however you are not able to control our website but you can share personal views with us. You can use our information accordance of our data protection and privacy policy.

Neither any person related to our website nor we will liable for any damage arising with use of this site. We do not exclude any liability for death or injury resulting from our negligence. We cannot guarantee that Product Provider will able to provide an investment at any particular time. We do not accept any liability in event of withdrawal of any investment or rejection of application by the Product manager.

Website is designed to provide you the best information and does not advice you to any investment or to recommend any particular investment to you. If you have any doubt, you should contact as an Independent Financial Advisor.

To use our website, you should abide by these Terms, if you fail to abide by them and it cause to suffer any action, claim or loss, you agree to indemnify us, for all costs and expenses, include legal fees.

Our Rights:

We reserve the right of modify or delete any part of website permanently or temporarily without any notice to you and no any of third party include you is not able to take action against us. We have right to refuse to process a transaction for any reason and you are not liable by reason of our failing to process a transaction. The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in material contained on the site, together with design, source code, belongs to us and all right reserved.


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5. Content used on our website are user friendly or from other resources and we do not provide any kind of warranty for accuracy or reliability.

6. We don’t sell any product on our website, we just inform visitors about shop online.

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8. Registered user of our website receiving our newsletters and their contact will remain confidential.

9. Our website may contain communities and other area like commenting, blog, news, forums etc. Prior to posting in these areas, please read terms carefully and contact us.

Website Privacy Statement:

This statement is all about the use and disclosure of information by, through your interaction with the websites. We take the issue of privacy seriously and set out our practice concerning data processing properly.

About Cookies:

When you anyone use one of our coupon code or offer, we earn a small commission from Product Providers (we work with). To do this we place cookies on your system, when your click any link on our website. If you than buy something this cookie is proof that you are their customer came from our website and we get commission for that.

As well as using cookies to insure we earn our commission, we use cookies during the registration process, to modify the site appearances based on user history or record. If you want to delete our cookies, you can clear it using your browser setting or by deleting your browser history.